Erin Norris-Technician

Erin Norris started at Gary’s Automotive Solutions on January 2, 2003 by overseeing the paperwork and bookkeeping for the business. She entered college, but decided that she wanted to come home and become a part of the family business.  In May of 2006 she began her training as an auto technician. Since then she has had fun working on vehicles and learning the ins and outs of the trade.

When Erin became pregnant with her first child, Isabella, she started her job as a service writer. This had been the goal since day one.  After the birth of her daughter, she  returned to work as the full time service writer for the shop.  Now with enough experience in the shop, she knows what is involved in completing most jobs to write up estimates accurately.

More and more people are telling Erin that she is starting to sound just like Gary (her father). The way she talks about cars, the lengthy explanations, and even the inflections in her voice are sounding rather similar.

She has been attending continuing education classes with the other technicians in the shop.  She has also been studying to take some of the ASE certification tests.  Being one of only two women in the classes, it has been difficult to enter a male dominated occupation.  Slowly, Erin has demonstrated to her customers that she is as capable of working on their vehicles as any of the men in the shop.

Along the way, Erin and her husband managed to add to their family with a second child, son Thomas.